esquisse solaire

The solar market offers a wide range of BIPV solutions. Photovoltaic panels of all shapes and sizes, with infinite aesthetic rendering, offering various functionalities (waterproofing, insulation, lighting ...) and many integration options are now applicable to almost the entire building envelope.

However, the existence of many technologies, the fluctuation of the sector and the lack of access to information, can make finding a solution that meets the needs of a project long, difficult and sometimes discouraging for the future investors.


  • Facilitate access to information by bringing knowledge of the market, its actors and available products
  • Evaluate the feasibility of projects
  • Help clients to identify or design aesthetic and efficient solutions adapted to their projects, while respecting the standards in force and allocated budgets
  • Simplify project planning and coordination among the various actors
  • Assist clients in implementing the solutions chosen for their projects